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Upcoming rallies, supporting the Second Amendment, across the United States

About Us

What is the purpose of this website?

The intention behind the Fellow Patriots website is to help
First and Second Amendment civil liberty activists
consolidate announcements of their events in a single location.


With numerous disjointed groups forming across the United States to support the First and Second Amendment, this website is designed as a centralized resource, allowing citizens to see activist events in one location.


Keeping the passions of civil liberty activism ignited can be difficult when citizens are overwhelmed by options and a barrage of information. This site is designed to be simple and promote two main resources: rallies and petitions.


Attending rallies is important, because it allows citizens to meet like-minded individuals who support your cause and beliefs. For centuries, in cultures all around the world, organized rallies have always been the catalyst for political change. Click here to add your rally to this website.


Altering laws and regulations to support and defend our sacred human rights is of vital importance, but utterly ineffective if citizens fail to participate. This site also strives to organize such petitions into one easy-to-reference location. Click here to add your petition to this website.

How You Can Help

Spread the word on social media. Tell others this site exists. If you are organizing a rally or signing a petition to reform unconstitutional laws, use this website as a resource to announce your plans.

Be Sure To Participate

Mark your calendar. Attend those rallies. Sign those petitions. Pass out those flyers. Take friends and coworkers to the gun range. Voice your opinions. Exercise your human right to speak your mind.

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