Archived Petitions

Americans Against Gun Control

If you disagree with additional gun control legislature, and don't want more of our Constitutional rights taken away from law abiding citizens, let your voice be heard.

EXPIRED ON: 31 Dec 2016

No Compromise on Federal Gun Control

I hereby demand that members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate use all means, procedural or substantive, to defeat any legislation introduced or amended to curtail, restrict or qualify private ownership of firearms, and to oppose any executive order issued to that end.

EXPIRED ON: 31 Dec 2016

No On Prop 63

Gavin Newsom is trying to push Proposition 63, a deceptive ballot initiative that will criminalize millions of law-abiding Californians.

EXPIRED ON: 1 Dec 2016

Veto Gunmageddon

Citizens of California opposed to Proposition 63, Assembly Bills 1135, 1511, 1695, 857 and Senate Bills 880, 1235 and 1446.

EXPIRED ON: 29 Sep 2016

No Gun Control, No Deals

As your constituent, I insist you oppose any and all gun control legislation.

EXPIRED ON: 30 Jul 2013

Demanding Congress Resolutely Uphold the Second Amendment

We, the undersigned, demand that members of Congress uphold the solemn oath they took to uphold the Constitution.

EXPIRED ON: 26 Dec 2012